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Advanced Learning Strategies That Boosts Study Skills

Students will learn the best learning strategies that will improve their study skills while giving them the ability to improve their memory. During the course, students will create their own digital toolkit where they will use it on any assignment given to them.

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  • Internet access. Course is designed for Apple or PC users.


Do you feel like you struggle to learn or study? Are you interested in discovering more learning strategies that will boost your study skills while showing you how to improve your memory?

If you do, please know that you are not alone!

Over the past year, I have spoken with students who say the same thing. They don't know how to learn over the computer.

That's why this course is created – for you to learn at your computer just like you learning at your desk.

These learning strategies and study skills in this course are ideal for middle school, high school and college students as it shows you various study methods and some of the best study tools.

First, understand that Learning Strategies are different for students IN-CLASS versus those learning in a blended learning or online learning school.

Students who have earned this badge have completed all assignments in  Advanced Learning Strategies That Boosts Study Skills.  


The course shows you how:

  • You best learn
  • The brain works and how to make it more efficient
  • To develop routines for school and non-school related tasks
  • To create a schedule from set up reminders in your calendar
  • To organize your note-taking so it can be written on paper or digitally
  • To unlock the answers to questions by decoding the verbs
  • To develop a digital toolbox where you will choose your e-tools


What's included in this course?

  • 10 video presented chunked into easy to understand lessons
  • 10 assignments that help explain and reinforce your lessons
  • Templates which you can update whenever you want
  • Compiled and updated a list of over 100 websites, extensions, and apps to build your virtual toolbox


Who am I?

I'm a seasoned teacher and administrator, having worked on both the middle and high school levels, which helps students regain their confidence in themselves.


Having been fortunate to learn many study skills and learning strategies from many people across the world, I have compiled them into this course, which I know will positively impact you.

Course Content

Why develop this course?

Here's why the course was created. 

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Interpreting the Results While Understanding How We Learn

This lesson covers all learning styles and gives you examples of websites, extensions, and apps that you can use when working on your assignments. 

Course Introduction

In this lesson, users will get introduced to how the course is structured as well as get the first assignment.

preview 6min
Maximize My Virtual Learning Plan

This lesson covers how our brain works and how we can increase its efficiency. 

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Reinforcing Study Habits

It's extremely important that study habits develop over time with the right techniques. In this lesson, we'll share a few of them.

preview min
Restructuring & Organizing Information

Let's take what you have in terms of notes and start to integrate a way for you to get the most out of them.

preview min
Note-Taking 101, The Virtual Way

There are so many benefits to having a digital notebook and in this lesson, you will see how you can also set one up and use it anywhere you're connected. 

preview min
Unlocking Questions with Verbs

It's essential that we know what questions are being asked so we can answer appropriately. This lesson will teach you how to decipher the verbs. 

preview min
Using Best Practices For Learning & Studying

Several mega-studies on learning in-person and digitally are shared in this lesson as it will help to found the cornerstone in the way you learn. 

preview min
Building My Own Virtual Toolbox

Finally, your hard work will start to come to life with the development of the virtual toolbox. 

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Putting It All Together

Now that the virtual toolbox has been built, you will see how you can use it for routine or formal assignments. 

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

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